About Us

We Specialize in Full Upholstery Restoration, Traditional & Antique
Although we all jump at the chance to replace furniture with new, updated pieces,
just needs a fabric revamp. The right upholstery fabric can easily transform the look and feel.

That means we removing all of the old upholstered item down to its wood frame and springs
We rebuild, refinish and restore upholstery from the springs up.

Dining Room Chairs can be Repaded then Covered
We can refinish your dining chairs with new padding & fabric, to look like new.

As we start the process the main decision will be in the fabric selected.
Good range of Upholstery Fabric. There are many different textures, colors and patterns
to choose from to complements your room’s decor.

We take great pride in returning your piece of furniture back to it’s original look and feel.
But sometimes furniture needs a new look, raise or lower the back, straighten or roll the arms.
Many things may be possible, we have the experience to know what can be done to make your favourite old piece as good as or better than new.
Furniture Re-Upholstery has been the cornerstone of our business since 1973.